Hey Buddy Films

Hey Buddy Films

A one hour show that celebrates the extraordinary life of Nelson Mandela, a man whose legacy transcends racial divides or politics. Through the words of those he has inspired we will reveal just why he is this planet’s biggest superstar.

The story of Nelson Mandela’s struggle to free the black population in South Africa from apartheid, his imprisonment and subsequent release after 27 years resonates on a global level. We allow his legacy to be recounted through those that have been touched by his unwavering resistance and message of peace. Famous faces like David Harewood, Trevor Nelson, Dermot Bob Geldof, John Barnes and Mel B explain just what Mandela means to them on a personal level.

With rarely seen archive footage we bring into focus the story of his life and embellish the heartfelt stories from those that got a chance to meet him. All set to a stirring soundtrack which features famous anti-apartheid songs like the Special AKA’s ‘Free Mandela’, Eddy Grant’s ‘Gimme Hope Jo’anna’ and Gil Scott Heron’s ‘Johannesburg’ amongst others.

Hey Buddy have made some great films for Channel 4; two recent films on the perils of social media, Don’t Blame Facebook and a tribute film to Nelson Mandela which broke with conventional obituary and told the story of how music spread Mandela’s reputation and a wider awareness of apartheid – they are a creative and very reliable company to work with.

Stuart Cosgrove – Director Creative Diversity Channel 4